Learn Words for Travel to Spain on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android 

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Learn Spanish Words - Visual Dictionary

Travel Vocabulary App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Android App coming soon.

Get Spanish Words for Travel iPhone

Учим испанские слова - На русском языке

Learn Spanish vocabulary in a fun, visual way. Simply tap on an object to discover how it's called in Spanish. What's more, each Spanish word is accompanied with an audio recording, English translation and IPA transcription.

Perfect for travel to Spain, work and business, or as an addition to your Spanish classes at school. This app will teach you more than 200 words commonly used when traveling, dining, shopping, sightseeing, asking time, staying at the hotel, and other situations.

Whether you study at the comfort of your home or travel around Moscow, Sochi, St. Petersburg or Vladivostok, this app will help you connect Spanish words with images and audio.


• Restaurant

• Hotel room

• Street

• Airport check-in

• Bathroom

• Human body

• Clothes

• Office desk

• Shopping mall

• Colors

• Time in Spanish

• Vacation


Don't wait till the last day of your trip to Spain. Start learning the Spanish alphabet with an extra category that will help you to learn the names of the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet.


• 200+ images, including Spanish alphabet

• Pronunciation by a native Spanish speaker

• Crisp and clear audio recordings

• English translations are provided

• IPA transcription

• Spanish-English-Spanish dictionary

• No Internet connection required

• Ad-free


Quickly look up words in the Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionary. Tap on Spanish terms to hear the words pronounced and translated. Intuitive phonetic transcription and clear audio recordings will help you pronounce the words properly.


• Vocabulary used in travel situations and beyond

• Fun visual way to learn new words

• Hear how native speakers say the words

• Ideal for casual and business travel

• Great for independently study

Get Spanish Words for Travel iPhone